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Our commitment at Toocamp

Our mission: to help you better choose your camping holiday

Portal of the Webedia group, Toocamp is a content and services site for Internet users, dedicated to camping holidays.
Its mission: to do everything to facilitate the search and choice of a campsite for holidaymakers.
How? Thanks to content produced by our teams, a selection of promotional offers proposed by campsites and tour operators, a search engine to compare most of the offers on the market, photos, videos, articles, internet users' opinions, and finally thanks to our selection of campsites.

Our 8 guarantees

1. Toocamp is "objective" (or almost)

In order to eliminate any subjective criteria related to the choice and presentation of your holidays, the results of your research on Toocamp for camping stays are classified according to a popularity criterion according to the following definition: click rate by the users of each offer; then, users have the possibility to give their own judgment on the stay they have made on the campsite by leaving their opinions.

Concerning the stays proposed for comparison.
All stays associated with rates and offered for comparison are provided by Toocamp partners as part of a paid service, regardless of the heading in which they appear... 
The referencing of the stays of a Tour Operator or a camp-site on Toocamp is paying. The stays offered by third parties, not partners of Toocamp, are therefore not offered for comparison.

Concerning the classification of the stays proposed for comparison. 
The stays proposed for comparison are classified by default by "popularity" on all the pages of the site except on the campsite cards. The notion of popularity is defined below. 
It is always possible to classify stays by increasing or decreasing price. The classification of stays then only takes into account the price as a classification criterion.

Concerning the classification of the stays proposed for comparison on the campsite cards
On the campsite files which refer to campsites including campsites for which Toocamp partners do not offer offers, the available stays proposed by Toocamp partners as part of a paid service are classified by increasing price. 
However, if the campsite owner provides Toocamp with the prices of his stays as part of a commercial relationship / paid service, the stays proposed by the campsite owner will be displayed in front of those of his distributors (Tour Operators also offering stays on the campsite).
Thus, the list of stays proposed for comparison on a campsite card is proposed according to the following classification:

first, the stays proposed by the owner of the campsite (classified by increasing prices)

then, the stays proposed by the distributors of this campsite (classified by increasing prices)

Concerning the criterion of popularity of stays used to classify the result of research
The popularity of a stay is the ratio between the number of times the stay is displayed in a page and the number of times an Internet user will click on it to obtain more information (and be redirected to the website of a campsite or a Tour Operator). The popularity of the stays is recalculated every night from the number of views and clicks associated with this stay over the last 8 days. The popularity calculation is made independently of the price per click resold by Toocamp to its customers (camping or tour operator).
The list of stays proposed on the Toocamp website is therefore not exhaustive, since the comparison is made only among Toocamp partners' offers in the context of a paying relationship.
If Toocamp's partners do not propose offers for a campsite referenced in the campsite files, Toocamp post available offers proposed by our partners around this campsite.


2. Without being exhaustive Toocamp aspires to offer you the most complete offer possible

Since our beginnings nearly 8 years ago, we have always applied the same editorial policy: the contents, the services, the most complete products possible on the 6500 campsites listed on Toocamp, with more than 170 merchants offering rentals on campsites.
We only refer to open-air stays, therefore mostly campsites whose accommodation is tents, mobile homes, chalets and unusual accommodation such as yurts, cabins, caravans or others.

Toocamp has the ambition to reference most of the campsites. Today, 6500 campsites are listed.

3. Toocamp creates its own content

Toocamp is a site created for and by camping professionals. You will find reports (blog), in text but especially in photos, selections of campsites and many videos that we produce. 
The body of our site is composed of more than 6,500 campsites covering France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Portugal, a blog, more than 50,000 photos, more than 1,000 videos, more than 5,000 internet users and more than 3,500 activity sheets. The photos used on the Toocamp website are either provided directly by the campsites or extracted from the product catalogues provided by the Tour Operators.

4. Toocamp offers a real selection of promotions

Thanks to our multiple partners, we track down good plans, which we update every night. Real promotions, promotional codes but also clever ideas, thanks to our comparison engines, to allow Internet users to find a good value for money.

5. Toocamp does not sell anything by itself

The greater the choice, the lower the risk of making a mistake. And to choose better, it is better to consider the offers of the greatest number of sellers. This is what we strive to do every day through our comparative engines.
Offers are updated daily. 
We therefore sell nothing, but we allow you to access, in a few clicks, the offers offered by our partners campsites and Tour Operators, so that you can book and buy them online on their sites. But it is on the site of our merchant partner that you will make your reservation. No reservation is possible on Toocamp which is only an information and comparison site.

Our service is 100% free for Internet users. We are paid by our merchant partners (through a written contract).
This remuneration has no impact either on the classification of the commercial offers on our site, nor on the final price of the stay referenced on our site.
We have no capital link with the merchants listed on our site.


6. Toocamp collects all practical information for your stay

Description of the campsite (photos or video), listing of the campsite's equipment and services, internet users' opinions, internet users' comments through a discussion wall, the activities to see or do near the campsite and even the campsite's entertainment programme if the campsite has taken it.
In a few clicks, Toocamp wants to offer the most information on a campsite. We try to provide holidaymakers with as many elements as possible necessary for the proper preparation of a camping holiday.

7. Toocamp is open to your opinions and testimonials

Not only do we allow Internet users to leave their opinion on the stay they have made but they also have a "discussion mute" on each campsite referenced on Toocamp where they can ask questions to campsites before booking. 
We also have a Facebook page followed by over 100,000 people interested in camping. This large community can interact to facilitate the search and choice of a holiday destination.

8. Processing of personal data relating to users

As a user of our site, Toocamp guarantees the protection of your personal data through our policy on the use of cookies.
Toocamp offers you the possibility to receive by e-mail an alert in order to be kept informed of stays corresponding to your holiday criteria. 
You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive a weekly selection of our weekly good deals, as well as the best articles we have published on our Blog.
By subscribing to Toocamp newsletters or our alerts, you authorize us to create, store and update a file containing personal information that you transmit to each other and that may include, but is not limited to, information concerning your registration (first name, last name, e-mail address, etc.).
In accordance with Law number 78-17 of 6 January 1978, known as the "Data Protection Act", You have the right to access and rectify the personal data You provide in the context of Your Membership of the Program. If, at any time, You wish to exercise your right of access and rectification to personal information concerning You, please send your request by email to specifying your email address or by mail by addressing your request to Toocamp - Toocamp, 1 rue Mahatma Gandhi, 13090 Aix-en-Provence.
The processing of personal data carried out within the Toocamp newsletters are declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés under the number 1330705.
We undertake to protect Your privacy and to communicate personal information about You to third parties only within the strict framework of what is provided in this Privacy Policy. We will ensure that the storage and use of this information is compatible with the laws in force on the protection of privacy in France.