(Last updated on August 28, 2023)

By accessing any of our Sites, you expressly agree that your use of the Site is subject to these terms of use ("Terms" or "TOS"). Within the scope of these TOS, "you," "your" refer to you as a User visiting our Site, and "Easyvoyage," "we," or "our" refer to the company Easyvoyage SAS with its registered office at 2 rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

For a clear understanding of these Terms, the terms defined below will always have the following meanings, whether used in the singular or plural:

Advertising Message: generically refers to the display on the Sites of advertising spaces in various formats promoting the brand, sign, products, and/or services of the Announcer and allowing the User to directly access the Announcer's site through a hyperlink.

Announcers: refers to all physical persons or legal entities wishing to integrate publicity in favour of their brand, business, products or services and on whose behalf the Advertising Message is published on the Sites.

Announcer's Site: all pages, data and information forming the website run by the Announcer and to which they would like to give the User part or full access via the hypertext link placed on the Advertisement.

Comparison Engine: all comparison technologies developed and implemented by Easyvoyage allowing for a List of Results to be displayed when a User performs a search.

Distinguishing Features: all nominative, figurative or semi-figurative trademark and/or logo and/or corporate name and/or company names appearing on our Sites.

Final Price: is the price with all charges included stated by the Referred Party and asked of the User at the time of purchasing the referred Offer. It includes the total cost of the product or service including all taxes and any additional costs that may incur, such as applicable taxes, administration costs, insurance, and any other compulsory taxes.

Internet: a structure of different networks of servers located in diverse places all over the world, communicating with each other using a specific protocol known as a TCP/IP.

List of Results: a list on our Site page displaying the results relative to a search by a User for a product or a service when performing a search using the Comparison Engine and making it possible to compare the different Offers by Referred Parties on our Sites for the product or service sought.

Offer: hypertext link presenting the Referred Party or all or part of the Product Information and allowing Users to directly access the pages of the Referred Party‘s Site corresponding to the product or service sought.

Partner: refers to all physical persons or legal entities marketing products or services which you may have access to through our Sites.

Product Information: all information relative to the products and/or services of the Referred Party made available to Easyvoyage by the Referred Party and including Distinguishing Features, the model, the comprehensive description of the product and/or service, the Final Price for the User, the category of the product and/or service, delivery costs, availability, lead time, guarantees provided with a product and/or service, a direct hypertext link to the Referred Party’s Site allowing for the purchase of the product and/or service or presenting the product and/or service, and a direct hypertext link to photographs of the product and/or service.

Referred Party: an individual or legal entity marketing products or services on a website to which the User is directed when he/she clicks on a hypertext link displayed on our Sites.

Referred Party's Site: all pages, data and information forming the website run by the Referred Party and to which the User is directed via a hypertext link appearing in the List of Results.

Sites: websites directly run by Easyvoyage, notably at the URL addresses http://www.easyvoyage.co.uk as well as all sites associated or affiliated with Easyvoyage.

Update: modifications and/or updates of Product Information presented on our Sites.

User: any individual visiting a Site, irrespective of their place of residence.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time and for any reason by publishing a new version on our Sites. We invite you to regularly consult these Terms to be informed of any possible changes to the TOS. If you do not accept all of the Terms present on our Sites on the date of your use, please do not use our Site.

1. General rules of use

You acknowledge and expressly agree to be of legal age and to use our Sites for non-professional purposes. All of our Sites are non-commercial and provide you with services and content specifically dedicated to the travel domain. When navigating our Sites, you have the possibility to use the following services ("Services"):

2. Editorial content

We provide you with original editorial content produced and managed by our journalists and their teams offering general information to travelers, travel news, travel calendar, information on hotels, practical advice, travel guides, thematic files, practical information for daily use.

3. Affiliate links

Certain content may contain links to third-party sites, carefully selected by Easyvoyage, which may offer goods and services for sale. We may receive a commission if you (i) make a purchase after clicking on one of these links or (ii) click on these affiliate links.

The prices indicated in articles containing affiliate links are those offered by the merchant sites at the time of publication of these articles and these prices may vary depending on the selected dates and at the sole discretion of the merchant site without us being informed.

We strive to present illustrations of articles that are as faithful as possible to the content presented in these articles. When the illustration includes a watermark with the mention "Easyvoyage," it is a non-contractual illustration provided by our teams.

In the context of commercial operations in collaboration with partners, we may monetize certain spaces to ensure additional visibility for their Offers. This content is indicated as "sponsored." However, this will have no impact on the associated displayed prices.

4. Ranking and listing

Our Sites offer different content suggestions and different search results, either manually or automatically (algorithm), throughout your navigation. The main modes of ranking and referencing are as follows:

4.1 On the List of Results of our Comparison Engine:

our Comparison Engine allows you to automatically display the Offers of the main operators in the United Kingdom’s market referred on our Sites. These Offers are displayed by default according to a ranking indicated on the Site, for example and without limitation, in ascending order of price or in ascending order of popularity (best click-through rate for Offers). Depending on the parameters of the consulted Site, you have the possibility to modify this ranking as well as to choose other relevant criteria (for example: departure or arrival date and time, duration of stay, number of stars). These Offers are updated at least once every 24 hours.

4.2 On the home page of the Site:

when you consult the home page of the Site, certain categories are highlighted. These may change and correspond to the categories and sections that we wish to highlight, these suggestions are changed manually directly by our teams.

4.3 On the articles of the Site:

when you consult an article of the Site, we can suggest content related to the theme of the page consulted.

4.4 On the search bar of the Site:

when you perform a keyword search in the Site's search toolbar, the search results are automatically displayed based on their relevance to the chosen keyword(s).

5. Newsletter

You have the possibility to subscribe for free to our editorial newsletter program including Offers and information about our Sites, as well as to newsletters edited by our Partners. These newsletters are sent to you either after you have registered for this service(s) previously and free of charge on the Sites, or after participating in any marketing operation organized by Easyvoyage. You are free to unsubscribe from the newsletters by clicking on the link provided for this purpose at the bottom of the email. To learn more about the processing of personal data performed in providing this service, please consult our Charter for the protection of personal data.

6. Personal Data Protection

We are committed to ensuring that the processing of personal data concerning you complies with the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016.

Depending on the services offered on the Site, you are informed of the processing carried out on your personal data in the Charter for the protection of personal data available here.

In particular, in order to improve the quality of its service and better meet the expectations of its Users, we may use cookies on our Sites. To learn more, please consult our Cookies and Other Trackers Policy available here.

7. Intellectual Property

All data, content, pages, images, and texts available on the Sites as well as the software are our exclusive property or that of third parties who have granted us this right and are protected by copyright and database law; likewise, only Easyvoyage holds a right of ownership and use over the screenshots as well as over all references, Distinctive Signs, emblems, logos, trademarks, text works that are its exclusive property.

You agree to respect these copyrights as well as all other intellectual and industrial property rights: trademarks, patents, software, and databases associated with the content presented on the Sites.

Their reproduction, representation, imitation, and/or use, even partial, is prohibited and sanctioned under the terms and conditions of the applicable legal provisions and in particular the intellectual property code.

8. Limitation and exclusion of liability

8.1 Limitation of liability clauses

Due to the specificities related to the services provided by the Internet, we cannot guarantee the continuity of services and the speed of access given the complexity of global networks, the inequality of capacities of different sub-networks, and the influx at certain times. we decline all responsibility for the content of sites of which we are not the publisher and which are accessible through hypertext links and the presence of these links does not in any way imply responsibility on our part for the content of the sites and the quality of the products or services they sell. Since the activity of the Referred Party/Announcer/Partner is independent of that of Easyvoyage, it is solely and entirely their responsibility to offer products or services on their site; consequently, only their liability may be incurred due to Product Information/Offers/Advertising Messages and the content of the site of the Referred Party/Announcer/Partner, as well as due to the direct and indirect damages that the products and/or services they sell may cause you.

Specifically, with regard to listing and affiliate content, we make every effort to ensure that the Offers presented on the Sites are identical to those appearing on the Site of the Referred Party; however, it is reminded that the display and positioning of the Offers on the List of Results depend directly on access and/or delivery and/or Updating of Product Information by the Referred Party; consequently, we expressly exclude all liability when a difference is observed between the Offer displayed on our Sites and the one you access on the site of the Referred Party.

If you are not satisfied with a purchase made from one of the Referred Party/Announcers/Partners, you are invited to refer to the procedures that you can initiate by downloading the following document: "Steps to take after a purchase on one of our partner's sites".

The editorial content and practical information on our Sites are as accurate as possible, and our Sites are periodically updated, but they may nonetheless contain inaccuracies, omissions, or gaps. Our liability can only be called into question in the event of proven fault on your part, solely for damages caused directly to you by us.

8.2 Exclusion of liability

Our liability cannot be sought in the occurrence a force majeure event or any act attributable to a third party or any other circumstance with an external and/or independent cause preventing us from fulfilling our obligations and in particular allowing access to our Sites.

9. Miscellaneous

The failure to exercise our rights and prerogatives, as well as any possible tolerances on our part, cannot be considered as a waiver to enforce these Terms. Each of the provisions of the Terms is independent, the eventual cancellation of one of them will have no effect on the other provisions that will remain applicable. The titles of the articles are indicative and intended for a better understanding of their content, without prevailing over the interpretation of said content, which alone generates rights and/or obligations.

10. Applicable Law

The Terms are governed by the law of the United Kingdom.

11. Jurisdiction clause